Design nerd & football fanatic

Lloyd Bennett - Digital Designer

Hi my name is Lloyd, I’m a Digital Designer based in London. I’m a massive Manchester United fan and I have an interest in brand identities and how they play a presence in UI design. I believe that when anyone interacts with a digital product, they should be able to see personality and characteristics of that brand shining through. Everything from the choice of colour to the animation within the digital product should clearly reflect the brand's identity. My goal as a designer is simple, and timeless; to consistently build elegant digital experiences that fulfil their purpose. Additionally, I aim to share my knowledge and experience with others to provide value.

My Process

01 Understand

I gather insights on both your business and your customers. This allows me to understand: what problem we are trying to solve? who we are designing for? What assumptions do we need to validate? This information allows us to set the goals and objective(s) that the proposed design solution will need to meet.

02 Create A Strategy

This consists of generating flow diagrams, sketches, wireframes to paint a picture of how I will approach the problem. I share these thoughts with you and together we formulate a strategy.

03 Prototype & Validate

The sooner we can put something in front of customers for feedback, the better. This mitigates any risk of us shipping a product that your customers won’t use. The prototype is usually a clickable low-fidelity (black and white) design of your product, which your customer will engage with in a user testing session.

04 Visual Communication

From brand experiences to product design, I align with the values of your business to develop a visual identity that communicates the brand message. Everything from colour, type, imagery and animations is well thought out. I pride myself in crafting simple, functional and purposeful design systems.

05 Delivery

For me delivery doesn’t end in a design file. Delivery is about giving you something tangible that your customers can engage with, written in production level code. Once the product is complete it’s essential that we review where we started and if we met our goals.