Lloyd Bennett — Web Designer from London.

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Design nerd & football fanatic

I’m a web designer based in London. I’m a massive Manchester United fan and I have an interest in brand identities and how they play a presence in UI design. I believe that when anyone interacts with a digital product, they should be able to see personality and characteristics of that brand shining through. Everything from the choice of colour to the animation within the digital product should clearly reflect brand's identity.

Lloyd Bennett
— Dec 10, 2016, London, United Kingdom
Lloyd Bennett
The Journey

My journey as a designer, started from learning some basic HTML & CSS skills at university.

I developed a love-hate relationship with positioning elements on a web page with CSS, which I, ironically, found stimulating. I noticed my curiosity for creating websites grew as I started to ask myself why my websites looked awful and lacked consistency on different internet browsers'. These type of questions spurred me to delve deeper into the web design field. I invested in online courses to further my web design knowledge and scoured the internet for the best web designs. With an impressed yet curious mind, I challenged myself; to try to break these designs down in granular pieces, emulate them and try to put my own spin on them. This was my way of trying to learn how to design.

Fast forward a few years, I'm now a Product Designer at thoughtbot, building and validating digital products for small to medium sized enterprises. I now have of a broad scope of what design is, which incorporates: understanding business objectives, real user needs and ultimately knowing the right product to build.

Ideal Projects

Taking ideas to market

While I welcome projects at any stage of their development, I mostly enjoy Greenfield projects. I’m driven by the notion of turning ideas into reality, being part of the journey from the birth of the idea through to the launch. I like to involve each client in the creative process and I take pride in working towards a shared goal with them. My mission is to always produce work that goes beyond their expectations. With that said, I really enjoy working on digital platforms which have a strong emphasis on visual design and brand identity.

My mission

To design elegant digital experiences

My goal as a designer is simple, and timeless; to consistently build elegant digital experiences that fulfil their purpose. Additionally, I aim to share my knowledge and experience with others to provide value.